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Where Should You Purchase Your Contact Lenses? 

When it comes to buying contact lenses, many believe big chains and online retailers provide the best price.  Prior to purchasing your next pair of contact lenses, consider the following points to find the best overall value.  Always remember,Price” is what you pay, and “value” is what you receive.The overall value of your contact lens purchase can be assessed in the follow way:

  • Availability: The product must be in stock.
  • Customer service: You want to be appreciated for your business.
  • Convenience: Consider the time involved plus the location.
  • Bundles: Products and professional services are under the same roof.
  • Replacement: What happens if you lose, or tear a lens?
  • Price: Cost can vary depending on the size of the order.

You can in fact order your lenses right from this page by following this link.

Regardless of where you purchase your contact lenses, the FDA requires an annual comprehensive eye examination prior to reordering contact lenses.  Dr. Bhat is a specialist and can successfully fit and prescribe all types of contact lenses.  After your exam and prior to purchasing your contact lenses, consider the overall value of purchasing contact lenses from Austin Village Eyecare.

  • Dr. Bhat and/or our staff will answer any questions you may have when you pick up your lenses.
  • Our office cares about your vision and satisfaction and provide personalized care.
  • We offer contacts at very competitive prices, especially if you purchase a year’s supply of lenses at one time.
  • Many of our contact lens manufacturers offer cash back rebates when you purchase from our office.
  • There are no handling or shipping charges if you pick the lenses up.
  • In an emergency, we are able to supply contact lenses immediately, with no waiting or fees for expedited shipping.
  • If your contacts don’t feel right, or become torn or damaged, we will exchange them at no cost to you.

After your next contact lens appointment, ask our office about our contact lens prices and deals before purchasing your contact lenses at a big chain online retailer.  You’ll be glad you did!